About Aurorasa

Until 2013 I lived in Frankfurt, Germany, where I spent most of my life in Sales Positions. 

In 1996 I was working for a company that offered Management Consulting and large-scale IT projects. As a secretary. 

When I was made "Senior Account Manager" overnight and supposed to build the Call Center division for Germany...alone, I luckily knew to little to understand how deep I was in trouble. 

But the company, and I will be forever grateful for that, gave me one thing: They sent me to a Solution Selling training of Mike Bosworth. So there I was. Up against companies like IBM and Siemens all by myself. I did not just survive - I exceeded my goal. My next task was to sell Business Intelligence projects and Management Consulting. Again, I exceeded my goals. 

Enabling someone who neither spoke English nor had a formal education to successfully sell Management Consulting and Enterprise Intelligence in a rough market pretty much sums up the abilities of Mike Bosworth. 

Many prosperous years later I learned about myself that I enjoy helping others and making them more successful. That was when my focus changed towards coaching. I don´t enjoy being in the first row (exposure) - I just care for first row pay. Does that make sense?

My personal interests were always "green". After I relocated I learned English while I became a certified Holistic Nutritionist and alternative practitioner. I founded Aurorasa Coaching (Success Coaching and Happiness Enhancement), 

But then I reconnected with Mike. When he asked me if I would work with him there was nothing to think about. 

I am now a Sales Partner of Mike Bosworth Leadership and in the process of becoming a certified Affiliate Partner. I will keep my Multidimensional Awareness Coaching Business. Life is Great. 

​Feel free to visit my Multidimensional Coaching blog HERE

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