Story Seekers Workshop Orcas Island

Public Workshop Minneapolis
October 2 - 4, 2017

Who can benefit? 

Traditionally, VP of Sales and people from sales related professions used Story Seekers® to gain competitive advantage. 

But Story Seekers® is also ideal for

  • Fundraiser
  • Freelancer
  • Company Owner
  • Public Speaker
  • Online Marketers

Story Seekers ® is for everyone who wants to learn how to effectively influence change in others through connective listening and the Power of Story. 

 Story Seekers® does not teach conventional sales tricks. 

Story Seekers® teaches the science of selling through instant emotional connection and trust. 

It helps (sales)people raise their EQ. 

What we are hearing from clients:  
  • Salespeople do not hit their target
  • Most RFP's are lost
  • Inability to captivate listeners
  • Being perceived as pushy or salesy
  • Prospects do not trust salespeople
  • Inability to influence change 
  • Cannot overcome resistance from prospects
  • Pipelines are empty
  • Salespeople are to solution-/feature driven

What they have achieved with Story Seekers

  • Speeding up trust 
  • Increasing pipelines and sales through powerful sales stories
  • Connective listening allows them to build emotional connections faster
  • Winning more RFPs/Donors/Buyers
  • Learned to invite buyers to share their stories and are being perceived as consultants - not sleazy sales guys
  • Optimized teamwork between departments

    Connection – Trust – Insight – Ability to Influence
    Building trust one Story a time

    Why does Story Seekers® work?
    People ... 
    • want to be helped; not sold
    • do not trust sales rep and similar professions
    • do not want to be told what to do
    • respond to stories
    • are natural storytellers
    • make emotional decisions for rational reasons
    • open up when they feel that someone cares (empathic listening)


    July 11 - 13, 2017

    Wednesday  9.00 am  - 6.00 pm

    Thursday      9.00 am - 6.00 pm

    Friday            9.00 am - 1.00 pm

    Contact: Aurorasa Sima for more info:
    +1 (805) 738-8871  
    [email protected]


    Rosario Resort
    1400 Rosario Road

    WA 98245

    Q: What does it cost to attend? 
    A: The cost per attendee is  $1,800 and includes snacks and drinks

    Q: What if I cannot make it on that day?

    A: Visit the homepage to learn about our other open workshops or use the contact form to contact us. We do offer corporate training . If you want to host a public workshop or have a few people who would like to attend - let's talk how we can accommodate you. 

    Q: I am not a salesperson. Can I still benefit?
    A: Absolutely! Story Seekers® aims to give not just sales people, but all people, a proven, simple framework to create connection and trust through story and connective listening.
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